Hi, my name is Shanté and I'm a 18 year old girl who is really into comics, tf2, indigeneous rights, drag, and art. I also like dinosaurs and I'm probably gonna start taking up cosplay as an actual hobby. Sometimes I make flower crowns, too.

This is a personal blog; expect opinions and controversy.

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actually I think about tf2 at least 85% of my day. It’s consumed my life since I got into it, and it keeps growing. That’s why when you talk to me, I’m probably going to mention it at some point.

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→ Anonymous asked: Since your asexual do you & your boyfriend not engage in any sexual activity?

We do, but it’s definitely not my number 1 priority. Sex actually grosses me out to the point where I just. Why is this a thing, there’s a ton of health risks while doing it.

With him, I have a pretty high sex drive when in the mood, but mostly our relationship is making dumb faces at each other and calling each other a lil bun. I do like to touch his butt tho, it’s super nice u.u

And I find people more aesthetically pleasing than physically pleasing in most cases. I guess I would say it’s more of a date me, than take me type thing?

He also just told me that we like to leave room for jesus omfg

I hope this makes sense!

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Name: Shanté
Age: 18
Gender: jfc idk anymore, girl mostly.
Sexuality: asexual


Food: Chocolate Cake
Drink: milk
Book:  Skulduggery Pleasant series. It’s ending this year omfg
Author: idk at the moment?
Song: RAMALAMA BANG BANG-Roisin Murphy
Movie:  Pirates of the Caribbean, you shouldn’t have to ask me this question
TV Show: Hoarders and Hoarding: Buried Alive
Band/group:  My Chemical Romance. Don’t look at me. If we’re talking about bands still around, then A Tribe Called Red is def my fav right now
Solo Artist: Fawn Wood at the moment
Place: my bed (with ethan because he’s a great pillow, and probably the only pillow i tolerate)
Male Actor:  GOD idk
Female Actor: don’t ask me about actors idk who’s my favorite


Best Friends: Don’t have one right now, but I would say Michael.
Siblings:  1 Known older half brother, 1 younger sibling, probably also a brother?
Dream Job: Paleontology
Piercings: my ears :v
Languages: English, can converse in basic Spanish, teaching myself German and Italian


Reason Behind URL: Lion King, and because of my obsession with Scar whoops
# of Posts:  over 3,000??? don’t ask about my likes tho
Why You Joined: Found out through the internet
First URL: nayelifachtna
# of Blogs: too many. At least 10. Most of them are hoarded urls that will someday be put to use. On my past blog I have at least 15 hoarded urls/blogs

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Nobody asked me to do the character clothing meme but I wanna do it anyways. So here are my two dorks in their underwear WIP
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To Do:

  • Change sheets, make bed
  • Change towels
  • Shower
  • Clean room up
  • Homework
  • Sew sleeves of Scout’s shirt
  • Reorder a package from amazon because of a mess up that happened in transit and I need the pants for my Scout before Fanime
  • Joanne’s for supplies
  • Silent Hill: Revelation
  • Figure out the rest of Nurse cosplay and how much to save up and where to get the supplies plus make a schedule for how to get everything done
  • TF2
  • TF2 fanfic hA
  • Make a food plan

Cool. Go Team :D

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My art class is hiring art teachers and they start at $15/hour. I’ve been going there for a long time, I guess it might be time to say something this Thursday :v

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I can already tell faking it is gonna be really hard for me to hear about so I’m gonna have to download xkit and blacklist it. Never thought I had to do something like that but there’s a first time for everything. The show itself is supposed to be really good, it just apparently has really offensive trailers, but I don’t think it would be safe for me to watch it but idk yet.

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Kongos are gonna be at bfd, it has been decided.

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and for shits and giggles (literally kind of), the last post i do for this:

So I’m used to having nightmares and really creepy dreams. In fact, if I don’t have one once a week, I begin to worry about my health. Usually I am unaffected by my nightmares til a couple days later when I sit down and actually think about what happened during the course of the dream.

This time, the night before I had watched Paranormal Witness and it was the episode where these two women were driving down  to church, and on their way there they ran into a little girl with her back to them. She turns around and she has no face which makes the driver step on the gas and get the fuck out of there.

Anyways, during this dream, I was in a truck driving it to a house painted green that I knew was the house of my dreams. It was for sale, and I intended to take a look around and buy it on the spot. As I drive towards it down the long driveway, a little girl appears on the side of the road. She’s crouched down and drawing something into the ground. Curious, I pull over and decided to walk over to see if she’s all right since she couldn’t have been much older than 7. Soon as I leave the safety of my truck, I’m overcome with fear.

I don’t want to abandon her, so I start walking towards her. She starts giving off a really bad vibe, and I feel like I should leave immediately, but I’m stubborn even in my dreams and I keep making my way towards her. She stops what she’s doing. I can see she’s wearing a purple tattered dress and her hair is stringy and very dirty. Then she starts to turn her head, and I knew I was in trouble.

Luckily, before anything could happen, like me seeing her face which I’m going to guess wasn’t there in the first place, I wake up. I’m drenched in sweat, panting, still terrified and on the verge of tears. My eyes remained close since I closed my eyes just before I woke up from my nightmare. I start to try and calm myself down by telling myself it was just a dream out loud. 


I feel something crawl up my leg, like a small hand. 

Needless to say, I screamed bloody murder and kicked whatever it was off of me in defense of whatever it was.

Turns out my cat chose the absolute worst time to try and cuddle with me, and he’s notorious for rubbing up against you before literally throwing his entire weight down on you. I ended up not only traumatizing myself, but my poor cat was traumatized to the point that he doesn’t sleep on my bed anymore and rarely stays in my room for long once my light is off. I feel so bad omfg

Oh, and because this household is used to loud noises since we live just outside the train tracks, my mom slept through the entire ordeal so it’s nice to know if I’m being murdered, she won’t be there to help me out, whoops.

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And before I shove it into the back of my mind, here is another:

From time to time I’ll have episodes of sleep paralysis. Usually it happens if I wake up but fall into a semi sleeping mode. I have awareness around me, but things I hear can become exaggerated or I’ll start to hallucinate. I also will not be able to control my body, so I lie in whatever position I’m in until my mind snaps fully awake. The only thing is that I never get the feeling of someone or something suffocating me. 

Anyways, this particular experience freaks me out the most because it was so real that I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t snapped out of it in time. 

My mom woke me up so I could take my morning meds before leaving for work. I remember being really tired during the time, so I fell back asleep, but I ended up lying on my back, head slightly tilted to the left, looking out my door. I fell into that paralysis state. I was sleeping, but could hear that she opened the garage door downstairs, started up the mustang, backed out, and closed the garage door. The garage door has a distinct sound and vibration. This is important.

I lose consciousness all together until I’m woken up and a few minutes later I hear my mom’s voice. She’s calling my name. The door to the garage (not to be confused with the garage door) closed behind her and she didn’t lock it. I guess she forgot something and came back for it, although I don’t know why she wanted me awake since she normally only does so when she wants me to do something. I open my eyes, and look out my door, but I can’t move the rest of my body nor can I call back to let her know I heard her. Great. 

My mom’s hip sometimes causes her trouble, so she’s walking up the stairs slowly, which is normal. As she’s walking up the stairs, she keeps calling my name. As she gets closer to the upper hallway, the voice gets more distorted. Now I realize something’s wrong, and I start to get the shivers. I’m suddenly horrified of what’s coming up the stairs. Whatever it is starts shuffling towards my room, still calling me, concerned but also demanding. I can’t move, I can’t call for help, if it’s an intruder, they are a terribly good impersonator of my mom. And they’re coming straight for my door. As it’s about to turn into my room, I wake up completely. Frozen to the spot still in terror, I slow my breathing and listen to see if it’s still there. Nothing. 

I go about my business and just to make sure, I check the garage. The door is locked. Already knowing the car was gone, I unlocked it and checked just to make sure. Yeah, the car is gone. Not long after my mom calls from work to make sure I’m up since I’ll be getting picked up soon to go to school. I asked her how long she had been at work just to try and reassure myself, but she had been there for over a half hour, and to get there it takes 20 minutes, so she’s been gone for the past hour or so. There wasn’t time for her to come back and get something, and besides, the garage door is loud enough for me to be woken up by it alone since it vibrates the house too. 

I just hope it never comes back.

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My mom and I used to get massages up in Belmont in the Bay Area from a woman my mom had know for a long time. Our session lasted til around 9:00 or so each time. This night I think we ended up leaving late, like around 9:45.

As my mom and I were driving home, we were driving down El Camino, about to cross into San Mateo when suddenly I see this incredibly dark shadow about to hit the car. I freak out the same time my mom does because she saw the same thing as well. It was shaped like a person wearing a parka with ill fitting jeans, and it was running abnormally fast like it wanted us to hit it. She swerved and missed it, but when we looked back, nothing was there. No sign of anything, no person, no animal, just some cars a couple hundred feet away from us that kept on driving. It was darker than the night sky was, and with the light from the cars behind us, I tried to see if it had run off near the train tracks or onto the sidewalk. Still nothing. My mom and I tried to shake it off as a shadow from a building, but we’ve driven that road so many times, and it looked so much like someone wanted to attempt something, that we couldn’t really find a good explanation for it.

To this day we don’t know what the hell it was, but the experience helped get my mom into the paranormal, and it made me even more of a believer.

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And so, the battle of my bed begins, as the baby spiders have started to descend once again. 

actually it’s only been one so far, but im cleaning ship up so I can vacuum the floor and the ceiling ahHAHAHA WHY THIS

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