you know what comes after september?


you know what happens in october?


you know who’s really fucking excited about halloween?


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Ditty, our ship cat, looking magnificent and nautical.

i want to be a ship cat. :( 

Pacific Rim - by Marie-Isabelle Le Saux

Scarlet Witch by Phil Noto

So far this week I probably scratched my cornea

and my right hand is so shaky, Im not sure what to do anymore

It’s either my cts or a nerve that’s damaged and idk what’s worse.

anyways, Im limiting my time on the computer until it gets better, so Im gonna set up my queue again :v

im too awake for this

im supposed to be visiting my grandma tomorrow at the cemetery and i cant fucking get any sleep and i don’t know why

i was exhausted earlier why did that go away?

I’m confused as to why gamer is a dirty word now??????????



wtf is with America.. get me out..

americans joke on here about being the most amazing country to exist, but it’s all code. please save us. holy shit please get us out of here

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i went shopping yesterday and it was basically how many v-neck t-shirts can i buy.

7. I bought 7 to add to my collection. I’m terrible.

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idk what to do now

im bored and tired

i found my phone after panicking for like idk, 20 minutes or so

went onto reddit for a bit and found some subreddits that i really like including r/neopets and r/dinosaurs


speaking of neopets i need to go feed mine and play some games

then i have to go onto gaia and play for a bit so i can get some gold. im finally up to 2 million

also ethan wants me to play an online card game with him, called hearthstone or something idk, and i also need help with recording tf2 cos i wanna post videos onto my channel but